Daisy Chains Pre-School Playgroup

Extended Day Play Group

Daisy Chains Nursery,
923 Ashton Road,
Oldham,OL8 3HX
0161 633 6338
Age Groups:
2 years to 5 years
  • £28.00 per day
  • £14.00 per session
Schools Visited:
Not Available
Provider Availability Dates:
Available from 27/04/2004
Daily Session Times:
  • Monday: 09:15 - 16:00
  • Tuesday: 09:15 - 16:00
  • Wednesday: 09:15 - 16:00
  • Thursday: 09:15 - 16:00
  • Friday: 09:15 - 16:00
Provider Additional Information:
Contact provider for sessions available.
Packed lunch must be provided for children attending full day.
Lunch £2.50, snack £1.00
Registered for 3/4yr Old Funding:
Not Available
Answered Questions:
  • Are there any reductions: Yes
    • Reduction for second child negotiable
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers: Yes
  • Packed Lunch Required: Yes
  • How Do You Involve Parents/carers In Identifying SEND: Yes
    • We fill in an ASQ questionnaire on a child's entry, this tells us what the child can or cannot do. We then ask and discuss with parents any concerns that we or they may have. If there are shared concerns, we will contact the child's Health Visitor and parents are invited to all meetings which may be held regarding their child.
  • How Do You Identify Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND): Yes
    • We identify SEND by using the process - Assess, Plan, Do, Review. We may then involve other professionals/consultants for further assessments, if parents are in agreement.
  • How Will You Help Me To Support My Child's Learning And Development: Yes
    • We help parents to support their child's learning and development by involving them in every process that may happen regarding their child. Our Senco regularly talks to and meet with parents to discuss their child's progress. We also offer activities and additional handouts to help parents support their child at home. We also arrange person centred reviews, person centred profile and 4+1 meetings to allow parents to voice concerns, opinions and targets for their child.
  • How Will You Ensure My Child's Educational Needs And Well-Being Are Met: Yes
    • We plan high quality provision to meet the needs of all children as well as additional planning to meet children's individual needs. We have key time (10-15 minutes) for children to associate and take part in structured activities in their key groups. We observe children to make sure all of their needs are being met, if they are not we will plan to ensure that they will.
  • How Will Both You And I Know That My Child Is Achieving The Agreed Outcomes: Yes
    • We will know a child is achieving agreed outcomes by reviewing the child's progress. We do this using 4+1 meetings, person centred reviews etc. - we always include parents in these meetings and value their input. We also review our baselines from a child's first to their most recent to evaluate their progress. We also review targets - if these are not being met we will review our strategies and try something new, if targets are being met we will ask parents for their opinions.
  • How Do You Adapt Activities And Resources And The Learning Environment For Children With SEND: Yes
    • Some children may need activities, resources and the environment adapting to meet their needs. We may do 1-1 activities, use specialised equipment and resources to enable children to join in and change the layout of the room so children can better access toys etc. We may also approach other professionals for advice.
  • How Accessible Is The Early Years Setting Environment, Both Indoors And Outdoors: Yes
    • Both our indoor and outdoor areas are large and have wheelchair access. We have raised flower beds and planting areas to make exploring outside more accessible. Children are able to access the outdoor area on a daily basis as well as easy access to the toilets as and when needed.
  • How Will My Child Be Included In Activities Outside The Early Years Setting Including Trips: Yes
    • We always complete risk assessments to ensure all locations are suitable. We also maintain close working relationships with parents to ensure children's needs are discussed and met and to provide inclusive activities in all locations.
  • How Do You Work With External Agencies To Support Children With SEND: Yes
    • Once we have identified a child with SEND, we contact their Health Visitor to begin working with them to support the child. We also contact our local AEN to arrange meetings and observations. We also invite any and all professionals involved with the child to further meetings and reviews.
  • How Do You Support Children Starting And Leaving The Setting: Yes
    • We support children starting at our setting with our fully qualified staff who are friendly ad sensitive to children's individual needs and supporting families needs. We also promote a gradual approach - a settling in period for children to adjust to their new environment at their own pace. We assign a key person to children to support them in their well-being and development, parents are always welcome to speak to their child's key person for any reason.
      We support children transitioning to school by providing activities about school, inviting teachers to our setting and sometimes attending a new setting with the child.
  • How Are Staff Trained Regarding SEND: Yes
    • Our SENCO is fully qualified and is in our setting on a daily basis. We attend any and all training available to us as well as workshops. We are also signed up to receive new training as soon as it is available.
  • Who Can I Contact If I Have A Compliment, Concern Or Complaint And What Action Can I Expect: Yes
    • If you have a compliment for us, you can tell us face to face, via email, our website or our facebook page. We also give out a feedback survey once a year for parents to complete.
      If you have a concern, you can approach a member of staff or your child's Health Visitor about development.
      If you have a complaint, you can approach the manager/deputy - we have a complaints procedure in place which we follow. You can also approach your local authority or OFSTED, depending on the level of your complaint.
      You will always receive professional and friendly feedback no matter the circumstances.
Vacancy Notes:
We have places available immediately for both 2, 3 & 4 year olds