Kids Around The Clock @ Chadderton

Day Nursery

Prospect House,
Main Road,
Oldham,OL9 6LJ
0161 998 0579
Age Groups:
3 months to 5 years
  • £8.50 per hour
  • £45.00 per day
  • £195.00 per week
Schools Visited:
Not Available
Provider Availability Dates:
Available from 27/01/2016
Daily Session Times:
  • Monday: 07:00 - 19:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00 - 19:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00 - 19:00
  • Thursday: 07:00 - 19:00
  • Friday: 07:00 - 19:00
Provider Additional Information:
We are open Monday to Friday for sessional care, we open at 7am and close at 7pm depending on individual needs. Contact provider for sessions available.

10% reduction for siblings, NHS and emergency services
All fees negotiable
Registered for 3/4yr Old Funding:
Not Available
Answered Questions:
  • Are there any reductions: Yes
    • 10% for siblings
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers: Yes
  • Packed Lunch Required: Yes
    • on discussion
  • How Do You Involve Parents/carers In Identifying SEND: Yes
    • Parents are key to the process, we complete starting points with all children so we can see exactly the level of development children are working at before they start to attend.
      We then plan realistic next steps in learning,observing skills and progression made which is regularly shared with parents.
      Should we notice from our progression trackers there are areas children may need more support we will speak with parents and look at the best ways to do this.
      We have a plan, do review process/approach.
      We plan what we can do to support including ideas for parents, do them and review with parents to see if they are effective.
      Should there be areas that needs more specific support we are confident to sign post parents and access additional services ourselves.
  • How Do You Identify Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND): Yes
    • We are a very qualified and caring team and our observations of children`s learning support us to identify and intervene early.
      We have very clear processes in place for assessment of young children that work alongside our setting SEND policy.
      There are 2 named Special Educational Needs and Disabilities officers who are trained to support children and families.
      We have excellent strategies in place already to support children transitioning into the setting with already identified Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.
      We also have good strong links with other professionals who can support the setting holistically.  
  • How Will You Help Me To Support My Child's Learning And Development: Yes
    • Parents and carers are essential to the journey, we are here to listen and support families with the child`s best interests are the centre of our plans together.
      The initial starting points show us as a setting where a child is already at developmentally, this guide will give us a base to begin taking your child`s learning on a journey. 
      The journey will never be complete without input from home and this is where we will support families with ideas for learning and activities to do together at home, and share achievements with us too, an example of this is, we use very simple "weekend" sheets where you show us what you have been up to , this could be a visit to the shops, visiting family or playing in the garden, we will then look at these with you and show you the learning that has taken place.
      Termly summaries also give parents/carers a clear guide to what their child has learnt throughout the time with us, prepared individually by the child's key person.
      Parent and carer input is always welcome and we are here to listen to your ideas too.
  • How Will You Ensure My Child's Educational Needs And Well-Being Are Met: Yes
    • Each child is unique and equally important to us.
      We have a highly qualified and experienced team who are dedicated to ensuring children are happy learners.
      Key persons are appointed to ensure your child has a secure base for when they make the big move to education, this person will support their learning, ensuring they are making good progress whilst being kept safe and happy in the environment.
      We are registered with OFSTED and have legal requirements that we strive to implement, these are known as "Statutory Welfare Requirements" although these to us are the minimum a setting should be doing, and we always aim to go above and beyond where our children are concerned.
      We also implement the Early Years Foundation Stage which is a very flexible and child centred curriculum to ensure each child is celebrated as a unique individual whilst giving them the education and skills they require for the transition to main education in their reception year.
  • How Will Both You And I Know That My Child Is Achieving The Agreed Outcomes: Yes
    • We will both know as we will have regular meetings to review your child's outcomes,we will have time to sit together and look at the processes, activities and opportunities we have put in place and decide between us as a joint approach whether these are successful.
      These meetings will be very "person centred" approach, we will invite other imprtant people who surround your child and look at what is working well and how we can take this further.
      Your child's progress will be shared with you along with evidence to show how we know this and your input is invaluable.
  • How Do You Adapt Activities And Resources And The Learning Environment For Children With SEND: Yes
    • Our staff team are excellent at identifying how to adapt and enhance activities and resources to enable each child to access them.
      We have a very basic yet consistent routine in place which is strengthened by an approach called "Object Reference", this means for key parts of the routine such as nappy changing, snack or outdoor play there is an object shown, noise made to enable children to know what is happening next.
      Key persons continually observe their children and look at how they are accessing activities and opportunities in the environment, if we observe a child struggling then we reflect on this and decide what can be done to make this more accessible; is it space? do we need to make the areas bigger, is the area to noisy? can we provide a quieter area with a smaller selection of resources?.
      The environment is flexible we take into account our children`s views by listening to them and watching their responses their "voice" is key to having the best environment possible.
  • How Accessible Is The Early Years Setting Environment, Both Indoors And Outdoors: Yes
    • The setting is very accessible, we have 2 spacious outdoor learning environments on flat ground.
      There is also a ramp accessible to the back of the building for children arriving by car and using the car park.
      There are numerous disabled access facilities such as wider door ways, toilets and bathrooms.
      The building is over 2 floors yet there is room to made adaptations as and when required.
  • How Will My Child Be Included In Activities Outside The Early Years Setting Including Trips: Yes
    • For children who may need extra support on outings we would either staff this higher to enable further safety and support or as parents you would be more than welcome to join us on our outing.
      We follow strict ratios to enable the highest level of safety and your child's needs would be considered as part of the risk assessment, we would always consult with you first as it may mean we need to look at resources to do this even safer such as a buggy or harness.
      Which ever way we decide together means every child will take part in the fun!
  • How Do You Work With External Agencies To Support Children With SEND: Yes
    • We work very closely we have strong links with external agencies and take what is called a multi professional approach.
      We will ask you for the names and contact details of those already working with your family at the very start of the induction which allows us to make contact and introduce ourselves.
      The meetings we have will always include you, you are the key to knowing your child best!.
      We will attend all meetings where possible and offer the use of the nursery setting to hold meetings on a regular basis to bring us all together in one room to ensure we all have the correct information.
      The "person centered approach" means we can all share ideas together and look at ways we can support your child in the best possible way.
      All reports will be shared with your consent.  
  • How Do You Support Children Starting And Leaving The Setting: Yes
    • Children start with us on a gradual admission, this gives us time to spend with you and your child getting to know all about them.
      This can take different amounts of time however the aim is for you and your child to be happy, feel secure and reassured you have made the best choice for your child's provision.
      For children making a move to a different setting whether this be leaving for school or another provision we complete a transition period where with your consent we work alongside the new setting to ensure they are aware of how your child has progressed, the strategies we have used and how to continue this.
  • How Are Staff Trained Regarding SEND: Yes
    • There are 2 main SEND officers available at our setting.
      The nursery manager has experience over numerous years and authorities supporting children with SEND.
      Our other SEND officer is an experienced parent herself with a young family with additional needs.
      Both SEND officers keep their training and knowledge current by attending training sessions provided by the additional needs team and Local Authority.
      When staff attend training they "cascade" this to other staff members to share good practices and knowledge they have bought back from their training. 
      The setting has a clear policy relating to SEND to enable new staff to be supported and existing staff to continually keep themselves refreshed.
  • Who Can I Contact If I Have A Compliment, Concern Or Complaint And What Action Can I Expect: Yes
    • Here at Kids Around the Clock we have a clear compliments,concerns and complaint process which gives you guidance on who you can speak to, how and when you can expect such things to be addressed.
      As parents your views are invaluable to our development as a setting and you can assured that there will always be a staff member you can speak to.
      The policy is available to all parents via our parent board and also gives you a link to share your thoughts with OFSTED who are our registering body.
Vacancy Notes:
Not Available