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Available from 27/06/2012
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Stockport ME Group is the nearest support group to Oldham and welcomes anyone who has the conditions mentioned below. (See bottom of notes for Young Person's contact.

Stockport ME Group: is an independent registered charity, run by volunteers, whose aim is to help improve the quality of life for all ME sufferers, their families and carers. The group actively campaigns for improved services for all sufferers, e.g. NHS and statutory benefits.

Membership is open to anyone living in Stockport and the surrounding areas who has ME/PVFS/CFS (whether diagnosis has been confirmed or not) or to their family/partner/carer - or anybody else who is sympathetic to the aims of the Group.
There is a small annual subscription, however, free membership is available for anyone who cannot afford to pay.
Membership Benefits:
- Monthly meetings with expert speakers.
- Library/postal library of ME books, videos and tapes.
- Regular Newsletter.
- Wheelchair loan.
- Telephone contact group.
- Welfare and benefits advice.
- Access to local support services.
- Close links with NHS Services for adults/children with ME.
- Groups such as:- Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation.
- 'ME friendly' social events.
- Somebody to talk to and who knows what you are talking about!

Contact for Young Person's Group:
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