Saddleworth Stars Private Nursery

Day Nursery

Saddleworth Starts Nursery,
1193 Huddersfield Road,
Oldham,OL4 4AG
01457 874553
Age Groups:
3 months to 5 years
  • £70.00 per day
  • £325.00 per week
  • £39.00 per session
Schools Visited:
Not Available
Provider Availability Dates:
Available from 10/09/2014
Daily Session Times:
  • Monday: 07:30 - 18:00
  • Tuesday: 07:30 - 18:00
  • Wednesday: 07:30 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 07:30 - 18:00
  • Friday: 07:30 - 18:00
Provider Additional Information:
A family run outstanding nursery, nestled in the heart of Moorside, where every child is given the same opportunities. As parents ourselves, we strongly believe your child deserves the best and we provide this.

Sessions: AM session (7.30am-1.00pm) PM session (1.00pm-6.00pm)

10% discount for siblings and full time. Fees include meals, snacks, fresh milk, trips, sun-cream and nappies

Please ask for closed days for Christmas break
Registered for 3/4yr Old Funding:
Not Available
Answered Questions:
  • Are there any reductions: Yes
    • 10% full week and additional child
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers: Yes
  • Packed Lunch Required: No
  • How Do You Involve Parents/carers In Identifying SEND: Yes
    • We carry out home visits to each to before they start at the nursery which the Manager and the child’s key person will attend. We find that parents feel more relaxed in their own home and are more comfortable to discuss any concerns or worries. We understand that a child’s first educator is their parent’s, which we respect and take their views and worries into consideration. We will maintain a good relationship with our parents and ensure them that we are doing the best by their child. Once a child has started at nursery we will monitor their development through observations and assessments which will then lead to a parent’s evening where we will raise any concerns if we feel it’s necessary. However, if a parent has raised concerns about their child before they start, we will work closely with them to assess their child’s development and discuss making referrals when and if needed. If a child starts with identified needs, we will work with the professionals involved to arrange a meeting beforehand to discuss their needs and then regular meetings afterwards to assess where the child is within terms of their development.
  • How Do You Identify Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND): Yes
    • Before a child starts at Saddleworth Stars we will attend a home visit where we will complete a baseline on the parent views of what their child can do. Then after 6 weeks of attending nursery we will complete a baseline from our perspective using Tapestry. If a child also attends another nursery we will contact them and speak to them regarding where the child is at. We have a named SENCo, although there are 2 other members of staff who have completed a SENCo course. As a nursery we are happy to undertake any extra training which is necessary to support the individual needs of each child. If a member of staff has any concerns about a child in their key group or their room they will speak to the SENCo who will offer them extra support within the areas they need it and provide them with activities to help support their development. Depending on the area of concern, the SENCo with assess the children using the Wellcom assessments to gain a better knowledge of their undertsanding and the suggested activities to support the child's age and development.
  • How Will You Help Me To Support My Child's Learning And Development: Yes
    • We will work with you to carry out suitable targets at home to support your childs development. Regular meetings will be held to discuss any changes, concerns and development. However if you felt you needed to discuss anything prior to the arranged meeting our SENCO works everyday and is available to talk. As well as supporting parents who have concerns regarding their child's development, each child's key person is available to speak everyday if they have a concern of a different aspect or need support in a different issue such as toileting.
  • How Will You Ensure My Child's Educational Needs And Well-Being Are Met: Yes
    • To support your childs educational needs and well-being we will implement targets to support your childs development and enhance their learning to the best of their ability. We will work with external agencies to support your childs individual needs as well as working with yourselves as parents as you know your child the best.
  • How Will Both You And I Know That My Child Is Achieving The Agreed Outcomes: Yes
    • Each term the child’s key person will complete an assessment which will show what your child is achieving and where their development is at. After each assessment we hold a parent’s evening where we will invite parents to come in to discuss their child’s development and how they are doing with their set targets. If your child’s key person has any concerns before they complete the termly assessment, they will speak to the SENCo to adapt targets or environment to suit the child. This also applies to children who are not SEND as they too may need some extra support in aspects of their development and a parent's evening will help to discuss these aspects through key person and parent discussions.
  • How Do You Adapt Activities And Resources And The Learning Environment For Children With SEND: Yes
    • As a nursery we will assess the needs of every child as an individual and make reasonable adjustments where possible. We do have a lift installed within the nursery which provides access to the upstairs rooms.
  • How Accessible Is The Early Years Setting Environment, Both Indoors And Outdoors: Yes
    • Both our indoor and outdoor provision is accessible. We also have a field on a higher level which we have moveable ramps to make it accessible to all. Having the use of a lift makes the upstairs pre-school room accessible to all who come to the nursery.
  • How Will My Child Be Included In Activities Outside The Early Years Setting Including Trips: Yes
    • We will work with parents to assess every individual child. We aim to be inclusive and will make necessary adaptions where necessary. In the event of a trip away from the nursery, the owners and manager are insured to transport children to and from the trip location. We ensure that all children/parents have the choice on whether to attend educational trips to support their learning regardless of their additional needs.
  • How Do You Work With External Agencies To Support Children With SEND: Yes
    • External agencies are very welcome at Saddleworth Stars, and we work hard to ensure good lines of communication. We encourage external agencies to visit the children whilst at nursery and to attend regular meetings which we will hold. Around the time of school transitions we invite all schools to come and visit the children that will be attending their setting and to have a chat with the child's key person about where they are in their development.
  • How Do You Support Children Starting And Leaving The Setting: Yes
    • Home visits are carried out before children start at nursery. After the home visit we do 2 settling sessions. The first one is for an hour and the second one is for the morning/afternoon. However if a child needs more sessions to help them settle then we are available to offer them. On your child’s first day we will do a first day observation which will say what your child has played with and what they have eaten. If a child has been to a different nursery previously, we will contact them to see where they are at and how they were at nursery. If a child is going to school, we will offer the teachers to visit the nursery to speak to the child and their key person. Alongside this we will complete a transition form to inform the teachers of the child’s development.
  • How Are Staff Trained Regarding SEND: Yes
    • We have a designated SENCo in the nursery. However there are also 2 additional members of staff that have completed the SEND training. Our designated SENCO will inform all staff on any information they need to know or any changes that have been made regarding SEND. We will seek any additional training needed for all staff to support their role to support children with SEND. Also the nursery SENCo will speak to all staff at the monthly staff meeting regarding all the SEND children and make sure they all have knowledge of their care, learning and development.
  • Who Can I Contact If I Have A Compliment, Concern Or Complaint And What Action Can I Expect: Yes
    • Firstly speak to your child’s key person or your child’s room leader to see if the issue can be resolved. However if you would like to speak to the manager, she is on site every day for a chat at any point. We try to resolve all complaints and/or concerns as quickly as possible. We would also like you to share with us any compliments and feedback you have.
Vacancy Notes:
Not Available